Wind Load on Structures Seminar

6 Apr 2016

The SANS 10160:2010 and 2011 contains a set of new loading stipulations (Parts 1 to 8) and introduces substantial changes to the South African structural design paradigm. In particular Part 3: Wind actions, constitutes a significant departure from the old wind loading procedures included in SANS 10160-1989 which was largely based on the 1952 guidelines of the British CP3 Standard.

This seminar is dedicated to the wind loading aspects of structural design in view of the:

  • complexity of the related physical phenomena which determine the wind loading, their numerical interpretation and design simplifications, the multitude of modern design forms within the built environment, with structures becoming more prone wind action due to the extensive use of light-weight materials.
  • The seminar will provide background information and equip the designer with a better understanding, guidance and ability to make informed design assumptions and choices.

Devonvalley Hotel
Friday 15 April 2016

Premier Hotel Pinetown
Monday 16 May 2016

The Aviator Hotel
Friday 27 May 2016


  • The physical process of wind generation.
  • An overview of wind damage in South Africa.
  • Historical development of wind loading stipulations, Wind climate of SA and its statistical interpretation, including the new wind map Influence of terrain roughness, topography and  immediate surroundings, Pressure and force coefficients;
  • Comments on dynamic effects and wind-tunnel technology
  • A comparison of the previous to latest revision of SANS10160-3
  • Demonstration of free software to aid in the wind load calculations according to the latest revision of SANS10160-3, with the aim to shorten the gap between code requirements and input to other structural analysis software or hand calculations.
  • Furthermore, extensive design examples will be provided and the calculations explained.