Become A JSD Structural Engineering Professional (New)

This Application is for admission to the JSD List of Structural Engineering Professionals

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Applicant’s personal details

Date of Birth:
Last Name:
First Name:
Work Number:
Cell Number:
Fax Number:
Identity Number:
Job Title:
Postal address:
Post Code:
Institution membership(s) e.g. MSAICE, MIStructE, MICE:
Professional registration(s) e.g. PrEng, CEng:
Academic qualification(s) e.g. BScEng:
Category of Registration:
ECSA Registration number:

Proposed Means Of Providing Evidence That Admission Criteria Is Satisfied

I intend satisfying the admission criteria by:


I confirm that should I be admitted to the JSD List of Structural Engineering Professionals,
that I shall:

  1. maintain my ECSA registration and immediately notify the JSD administrator of any change in registration status;
  2. undertake to satisfy the continuous professional development requirements of ECSA in the field of structural engineering; and
  3. provide structural engineering services in accordance with the JSD’s Standard for Structural Engineering Services.

By submitting, I agree that all info entered was done accurately & truthfully.